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Why Do We Cry?

Tears of the soul


This time of year I’m travelling home through the countryside at sundown, when millions of night insects begin to roam. My windshield is quickly smeared with their remains, and almost impossible to see through.

It’s time for the windshield to have a cry. I pump the button to release several shots of soapy tears, the wipers blink back and forth, and the road ahead is clearly visible again. I can drive safely once more.

Everyday life is like that. Our physical eyes become clogged with grit that gets cleared with cleansing tears without us really noticing it.

But there’s another, and more meaningful, side to tears. Sometimes our all-seeing (spiritual) eyes get covered by a film of ego and busyness that can only get cleared when our soul cries.

Eyes weeping from smoke, dust or onion juice is a common experience of being human. It’s physical. We cry and move on.

But when our soul (deeper self) cries for profound reasons like disappointment, death, disease or disaster, it’s time to stop, examine, reassess and resolve. Soul tears stop us in our tracks and wash away the clutter so we can see more clearly what we haven’t seen before.

I cried unexpectedly the other day. I walked past the fridge at work and saw photos of baby grandchildren I won’t physically see or hold for the next few months. Tears didn’t trickle from my tear ducts; they spurted out. I found a quiet spot. Sat down. And reassessed. How often have I been in their presence and not really seen them? How can I let them know I love them from afar? Who is near me now, and needs my attention, my present moment love?

Those tears that came from my soul showed me things to change in myself; revealed what is important; reconnected me to everyone - those near and those far. In fact, I felt at one with the whole world.

I was part of one giant teardrop.

Living with mindfulness

It can’t be scientifically proved, but I feel that when our souls cry our holistic vision becomes stronger and our hearts grow bigger.

Our tears are talking to us.

Let’s listen.

With love, Marlane

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