Marlane Ainsworth

Marlane spent her childhood in Western Australia and studied in England and the USA for her BA in Liberal Arts. She has diplomas in Community Services and Counselling and works for Alzheimer’s WA as a coordinator of community services for people with dementia.

Growing up, Marlane was a member of a fundamentalist and cultish Christian religion that kept Jewish holy days and believed Christ would return to save the world.


After rejecting this rigid belief system in her forties, Marlane moved with her husband and five children to Evergreen, a property nestled in wetlands on the south coast of Western Australia. Here she reads modern and ancient books discussing topics like spirituality, consciousness, mindfulness, oneness, presence, and mind science. These books reveal a fuller, easier, and more fun-filled way to live.

Her passion is writing articles about insights that occur to her as she works, reads, and walks around Evergreen. These insights promote positive change and personal growth in readers’ lives. 

Marlane is a published author and shares her writing on, Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

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