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A Brilliant Booster Box

To use every day

Man holding a yellow box with the words Booster Box clearly visible.
Rob brings a booster box home to Evergreen.

Rob comes home with a Booster Box from Bunnings.

My eyes light up. I’ve been feeling depleted lately, in need of all the boosting I can get. And here it is! In a box! From Bunnings!

Then I read the fine print. It’s full of live worms to boost the compost bin.

So I’m back to my search for ideas to energise my ageing body and weary mind. How can I boost myself so I’m Wonder Woman once more?

The usual solutions occur to me: energy snack packed with goji berries; another long black; an idyllic holiday in the Cocos Islands; an hour-long remedial massage by a Sumo wrestler; curling up with a recently discovered complete seventh novel by Jane Austen (I wish!).

As I go outside to add the worms to the compost bin, it dawns on me that even if I did all these activities, they would only provide a temporary boost. I want a boost that will last all the years I have left.

Does such a thing exist?

Lesson from a Compost Bin

There are two ways to boost a compost bin.

  • Take away an ingredient (excessive heat, onion skins, lemon peel)

  • Add an ingredient (worms, moisture, a handful of suitable dry leaves)

I can boost myself in the same way.

  • Take away an ingredient (excessive thinking, background anxiety, residual anger)

  • Add an ingredient (a deep breath, a silent mind, a handful of kindness)

My usual methods of boosting myself – food, drink, vacations, relaxation, social interaction – can drain me rather than give my life a boost.

I’ll boost myself by taking away excessive thinking, background anxiety and residual anger, and add deep breaths, a silent mind and a handful of kindness to those around me.

These things are free.

These things can be done endlessly.

They’ll last the rest of my life.

With love, Marlane

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