This Ordinary Day

Just became extraordinary

Double rainbow over a lake with leafless weeping mulberry in foreground.
Double rainbow and a Japanese weeping mulbery having a bad hair day at Evergreen. An ordinary yet extraordinary scene.

Have you ever had an extraordinary day when something unexpected, outside the norm, momentous, happened?

Perhaps a packet of money fell from the sky and landed at your feet, you locked eyes for the first time with your soul mate, a butterfly rested on your shoulder, or you were cordially invited aboard an alien space craft for a short tour. You can probably count these extraordinary days on one hand, while the rest of life unfolds day by day in predictable normality.

Or does it?

Whether a day is ordinary or extraordinary really depends on you, not on outside forces.

I recently picked up a book in my dentist’s waiting room — No Ordinary Days: Little Exercises to Change Everything, by M H Clark. One of the pages contained a quote from William Martin:

. . . make the ordinary come alive. The extraordinary will take care of itself.

It’s difficult to focus on philosophical thoughts while awaiting a needle and the whine and grind of a dentist drill, but this sentence about making the ordinary come alive did distract me from my imminent ordeal.