Connecting With Earth, Breath, and Sky

Our support, anchor, and witness

Fine clouds reaching upwards above gently rolling hills.
Sky viewed while on holidays near Bridgetown, Western Australia.

Support. Anchor. Witness.

These are strong, comforting words. To have all three in one’s life would be a blessing indeed.

In his free online course, The 30-Day Wake Up Challenge, the American spiritual teacher Adyashanti explains that the ground is our support, our breath is our anchor, and the sky is our witness. In other words, these three things are never far away.

In our increasingly urban lifestyles, we’re less aware than our ancestors were of the earth, the breaths we take, and the sky. They trekked across open plains and up rocky mountain passes, taking notice of the ground beneath their feet, their breathing audible and deep. Then they slept, totally exhausted, under a canopy of stars that witnessed their presence in the landscape.

Today I decide to be more like my ancestors, to be conscious of earth, breath, and sky.

The ground is my support

The highway from my home in the wetlands to the city of Albany forms a silver ribbon through farmlands. I see red dirt on the verges, winter puddles in paddocks, a stand of ancient paperbarks. The ground holds up the highway, the red dirt, the winter puddles, the paperbarks, and me.