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The Fool of Tarot Explained

Are you "The Fool"?

Tarot card The Fool
There are benefits to being The Fool

The mystical picture on the Tarot card with the numerical value of zero reminds me of what I want to be: The Fool.

The Fool travels lightly. A small knapsack tied to the end of a pole swings over one shoulder. He’s plucked a white rose which he sniffs from time to time, and a little dog cavorts at his heels. His colourful tunic and bright yellow boots strike the eyes of passersby and make them smile. The day is filled with glorious sunshine and the views from where he stands are spectacular.

But it’s not these things that draw me to The Fool. What captivates me is his air of innocence, curiosity, energy and hope.

And the danger he’s in.

He’s not looking where he’s going. One more step will plummet him over the edge and into oblivion. He’s living his last moment as The Fool.

Or is he?

Will his innocence, curiosity, energy and hope save him?

Yes, I think so. That is the message of this card.

Tarot cards are used to interpret where we are in life’s journey. Each card represents something that all human beings experience:

helpful and not-so-helpful people;

nerve-wracking situations like drastic change, deceit, disillusionment and death;

moments of contemplation, fulfillment and revelation.

And through all this The Fool walks lightly and quickly, unburdened and – despite appearances – alert.

Some say The Fool is asking for trouble. His head is in the clouds. He’s too vague and dreamy, foolishly expecting only good things to happen.

But a more modern take could be that The Fool is living with mindfulness.

Close-up of a flamingo
Live in the moment

Living with Mindfulness

The Fool has no preconceived ideas and no expectations. He’s not distracted by fear or desire. He’s in the moment, ready for whatever arises.

He admits he doesn’t know what’s going to happen next, but he’s ready for whatever will. If he falls over the edge, so be it. He’ll sort something out on the way down to save himself.

He's alert because he knows he’s The Fool.

Jordan Peterson, author of 12 Rules For Life, once said in a talk to students recorded on YouTube:

Life is a call to adventure, not a call to safety.

We can choose to live a life of safety. We can stay on the sheltered front porch of our lives, dozing in a rocking chair with the dog asleep at our feet. Or we can allow innocence, curiosity, energy and hope to arise within us. We can step into life with alert acceptance while Universal wisdom swirls around and through us, as illuminating as the warm, yellow sun we bask in.

Life is a call to adventure for those who are prepared to be The Fool.

Be a mindful Fool experiencing life in the moment.

The views will be spectacular!

With love, Marlane

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