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Simple Message About Love

Updated: Mar 19, 2022

True love

Close-up of pink and white cosmos flowers, with  blue sky and distant tree tops.
Let love flow from you with the same effortlessness of these cosmos flowers dancing in the breeze at Evergreen

I went to a gig at the Royale Theatre in Perth and heard Simone Craddock sing ‘The Five Pennies’, written by Sylvia Fine and performed by her husband, Danny Kaye, in the movie of the same name. In summary:

  • The first penny is for wishing

  • The second penny is for dreaming

  • The third penny is for dancing

  • The fourth penny is for laughing

  • The fifth penny is for loving.

Most of us are good at wishing, dreaming, dancing and laughing. It’s the loving that trips us up. It’s difficult to love because life is complex and other people are complicated. If everything unfolded how we wanted it to, and those we wanted to love conformed to our ideals, then we’d find loving easy to do.

There is an effortlessness in wishing and dreaming, dancing and laughing. These pour from us almost without thought.

And that’s the reason why loving is so hard. We think too much about it. We don’t let it flow without thought. Our thoughts are like cholesterol in the arteries of our hearts. Love can’t get through. Our hearts die. And so do we, inside.

Too often our thoughts are negative and divisive. They focus on the faults and failings of others, and the endless stream of frustrations they cause us.

But today we’ll be different. We’ll take a deep breath or two and let these thoughts float away. And then we’ll feel – what?

Eckhart Tolle on Twitter, 17 July 2016:

Feeling the oneness of yourself with all things is true love.

Maybe we’ll feel oneness with all things. We will be true love.

A sweet line towards the end of the song about the five pennies:

And where love is, heaven is there.

Want to inhabit heaven today, no matter where you are?

Love without thought.

Love without limit.

Let love flow from you.

That’s what everyone – and everything – is waiting for.

With love, Marlane

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