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Will There Be a New World in the Morning?


White mug on wooden table with the word "begin" written in black.
Don't wait for tomorrow. Begin today.

I grew up in a religion that preached about “The Wonderful World Tomorrow”. I avidly read a monthly magazine called “The World Tomorrow” which was packed full of promises of future peace and joy. In those days, when I read about bad things in the newspaper I’d say, “That won’t happen in The World Tomorrow!”

The only problem was this wonderful “tomorrow” never came. The day never dawned when God returned to beat up the baddies, fix the faults and right all the wrongs.

So, as the years dragged by I was forced to ask myself some hard questions. What if things don’t get better? What if things get worse? What if a new tomorrow never comes? What if tomorrow looks just like today?

What then?

Waiting for things takes forever.

The singer-songwriter Roger Whittaker had a hit in the 70s — ‘New World in the Morning’. Two lines occur in it that most people miss as they croon along to the catchy tune. The first one is:

New world in the morning takes so long.

When you’re waiting for things to be different, it takes forever.

The other line is:

A new world in the morning — that’s today.

What you’re looking for, waiting for, hoping for — is here, right now:

A brand new day.

A sunrise symbolises renewal. Another chance. Another fresh, unfettered day to do better.

There are no dirty footprints yet on this day. No miasmic mist of past mistakes mars the air.

We’ve been given — once again — a brand new day to work with.

Where does this endless forgiveness come from? What have we done to deserve yet another chance to get things right? And — more importantly — what will we do with it?

The new world in the morning always becomes today.

What will you do today?

Don’t wait for tomorrow.

Work with today.

That’s all you’ve got.

And it’s waiting for you to give it your full attention!

On this brand new day you could take the FREE 7-Day Mindfulness Challenge!

Don't put it off till tomorrow!

With love, Marlane

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