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What Happens When You Live In the Context of Eternity?

Every moment has meaning

Years ago, when several children were at my feet, and breakfast, which up till then had been one of the joys of life, had sunk to the level of cold porridge and tepid tea, I came across a comment in a book that changed the way I experienced my somewhat hassled life.

I can’t recall the book, the author, or the exact sentence, but it went something like:

Life is easier when viewed through the context of eternity.

Was it Aldous Huxley? Bertrand Russell? D. H. Lawrence? It doesn’t matter. Whoever said it said a wise thing.

Do you wish things weren’t what they are right now?

Do you sometimes wish things weren’t what they are right now, like I did years ago amidst my young family? But by wishing things otherwise you miss out on the meaning of that moment. The meaning may be buried deep in the clutter of everyday life, but you’ll never find it by running away, getting frustrated, or trying to wish it away.

Do you grasp a perfect moment and wish life could always be like that?

This is futile thinking. Nothing stays the same forever. Lingering camellia petals finally fall. The glorious sun sinks and casts a deep shadow over the land. Lovemaking ends.

Many years have passed and my life situation has changed. Now I can have hot porridge and steaming tea whenever I want it. And when I do indulge myself in this way, I recall the quote that helped me cope when things were more hectic than they are these days:

Life is easier when viewed through the context of eternity.

Why miss out on the wonder of what already is by wishing it otherwise?

Every moment has its own meaning.

With love, Marlane

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