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How Can You Make an Impact?

Be a bridge

Narrow bridge spanning a creek in a park with palms and yellow flowers.
Be a bridge for others

Have you ever said or done something that had a greater positive impact than you ever imagined it would? This happened when Paul Simon (of Simon and Garfunkel) wrote the song ‘Bridge Over Troubled Water’.

In an interview, Simon said he thought it was going to be ‘just a little hymn’ because the words were ‘just too simple’.

But the simple words made it a universal hit because all of us, from time to time, need a bridge over troubled water. We need a kind person to help us safely cross rough stretches in life.

The lyrics, although simple, paint a strong image. To me, the singer is saying he will lay himself down. He will become a bridge over troubled water.

I imagine a river and someone bending themselves to form a bridge over it so someone can cross the fast-flowing water safely. Feet on one side. Hands firmly planted on the other. His body arched. Literally using himself to aid another.

The world is full of words. It’s easy to say, ‘Peace be with you all’, or ‘I love you.’ It’s not hard to dwell on loving kindness towards ourselves and others as we sit quietly on a meditation mat or walk in nature. But people need more than our words or thoughts. They need us. Our whole being. Our hands. Our feet. Our hearts.

Living with mindfulness

Questions worth asking:

When was the last time I was a bridge for someone?

When did I lay myself down for another?

When will I use my whole self to make this world a better place?

When we use our whole self to help others, we — like Paul Simon — will have a greater positive impact than we ever imagined we could.

With love, Marlane

It's important to help other people, but it's also important to help yourself!

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