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The Divine Purpose of the Universe

An elevator pitch

Grey statue of hatted woman in garden with red and white flowers.
The garden at Evergreen fulfilling its divine purpose.

Is it possible to give an elevator pitch on the divine purpose of the universe?

An elevator pitch is a short description of something, presented in such a way that the listener quickly understands its essentials by the time the elevator reaches its destination.

Imagine stepping into an elevator and being asked to give an elevator pitch on the divine purpose of the universe. What would you say while whizzing from the first to the fiftieth floor? That’s not a long time. Less than a minute. You’d have to talk fast and to the point, not wasting it on ums, ahs and ers.

I’m the sort of person who likes to be prepared for any eventuality. My heavy handbag is proof of this. So, once I’d thought of the possibility of being asked this question in an elevator, I decided to perfect a pitch to cover the situation.

Here goes.

There are two aspects to the divine purpose of the universe, and you embody both. There is an outwards movement and an inwards movement.

The outwards movement is you doing. Making pavlovas. Building bridges. Answering emails. Nursing the sick. Trimming hedges. Teaching tap dancing. Programming computers. Selling flowers. Fixing Ferraris. Writing poems. Digging for gold. Painting murals. [Add yours here.]

The inwards movement is you being. Just being. Being still. Being present. Being fully aware in this moment. It’s about you connecting with the consciousness of the universe that is in you always. It’s you sensing Source.

The outwards movement is all about becoming.

The inwards movement is all about being.

They’re not opposites. They’re not mutually exclusive. They can happen at the same time. But usually, because we’re in the habit of focussing on doing, it takes conscious effort to step away from doing to being.

It’s your divine purpose to do both – at the same time.

Today, no matter what you’re doing, bring being into it.

Sense the inwards and outwards flow of yourself.

If it helps, use your breathing to remind you. Inwards and outwards. Inwards and outwards. Inwards and outwards.

It’s a beautiful image for us to carry throughout the day – inwards and outwards.

Ding! The elevator doors open. We're at the fiftieth floor.

Thanks for sharing this one-minute ride.

Love, Marlane

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