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What Is Flower Power?


Closeup of yellow daisy with black dots around centre.
A silent flower at Evergreen

Have you ever heard a flower make a disparaging remark? Ridicule an idea? Start a war?


And you never will.

That’s why we love them.

They don’t talk.

Plants are known to emit ultrasonic acoustic emissions, so flowers aren’t silent. We just can’t hear them. Even if we could, I doubt we’d hear the roses getting their heads together and plotting to invade the bed of bright red poppies, or carnations exchanging insults with chrysanthemums.

Flowers wait patiently for us to come along, see them, pause in their presence, take a sniff or touch a petal, and sense the total acceptance they’re sending our way.

We don’t love flowers because they’re beautiful.

We love them because they don’t have mouths.

Next time you look at a flower, stand perfectly still and stay with it longer than you usually would.

Sense it sensing you.

Because it is.

In its own way.

With love, Marlane

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